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pop-up lawn sprinkler and nozzle lawn irrigation inground sprinkler

Lawn & Garden Irrigation

Professionally installed by EasyGreen Irrigation

Living Landscapes has teamed up with EasyGreen Irrigation to give you the best. You get professionally installed sprinklers with the best warranty in the business.

lawn sprinkler, walkway, inground sprinkler

Professional Rotors

EasyGreen Irrigation installs the best rotors, Hunter PGP Ultra Rotors will last a lifetime and come with an industry best 5 year warranty

professional inground sprinkler rotor

Smart Irrigation Systems

Save water and time with a smart irrigation system. Entirely controlled from anywhere in the world with your smartphone. The app calculates rainfall and ground saturation so you only water when you need to, saving you money and being environmentally friendly.

flowers, lawn, lawn irrigation, inground sprinklers, smartphone, smart sprinklers

Perfect for Gardens

Be safe knowing your garden areas are watered thoroughly. EasyGreen Irrigation has a huge selection of nozzles and spray heads to only water the areas that need to be watered.

inground lawn irrigation system watering garden and lawn
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