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outdoor kitchen area

Outdoor Kitchens

Full Size kitchens

Full service outdoor kitchens can include all the amenities of your indoor counterpart. Fridges, dishwashers, grills and flatops are some of the appliances you can add to your outdoor space. 


Outdoor Islands

Your outdoor island can be completely customized or a one piece unit that drops into place. Napoleon outdoor modular components make it easy to select and choose what works for you.


Outdoor Bar Areas

Your outdoor bar area can be furnished with a sink and cooling drawer for chilled beverages, or a beer tap on hand. It will surely impress all of your guests and keep them entertained for their stay.


Outdoor Televisions

Living Landscapes has teamed up with Advanced Technologies, in Southampton, to bring the latest technologies to your outdoor space.  Weatherproof televisions, speakers and WI-FI extenders help bring the indoors outside.

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