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Custom pond in port elgin

Pond & Water Features

Custom Watertfalls

Our selection of natural stone local to the region is perfect for making custom waterfalls of all shapes and sizes. Big or small we have experience creating waterfalls using stone personally selected from the local quarries.


Custom Bubble Rocks

Want a water feature with a little less  maintenance? Bubble rocks are the perfect way to add the sound of a bubbling brook to your landscape in a cost effective and beautiful way. You select your stone and we get it drilled to turn it into a stunning water feature for you.



Using preformed polyethylene liners or by customizing your own shape we can create the right pond for you. Creating multiple levels in the pond allows for variations in plant selection and detail. 



Fountains add a formal feel to your landscape and can easily be added to any existing landscape. We can assist in choosing the right fountain to suite your particular taste and style. 

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